A generation that tried to grow up too fast.

We are cruel, ruthless and lost in the rat race.
We are selfish.
We are stupid.
We are scared of commitments.
We judge so much.
Hypocrisy is such a common thing.
We don’t know what it’s like to hold on to dreams and hope with all heart that they will come true.
We don’t know what it’s like to be humble.
We don’t know true friendship.
We don’t know what it feels like to gather the strength to write a letter and hand it to someone we crush on.
We don’t know what it’s like to wait for our favourite song to play on the radio.
We’re usually spaced out.
We don’t know what it’s like to dance and play in the rain, without a single care in the world.
We don’t see beauty in the littlest of things around us.
We think being rude is cool.
We don’t have the time to stop and gaze at the stars.
We live for the rush. It’s either do or die.
We live for a false pride.
It’s so difficult to find happiness like our parents did, in the smallest of life’s moments.
We don’t value relationships.
We take people who love us for granted.
Loyalty is so rare.
Trust is so rare.
Respect is so rare.
Innocence is so rare.
Emotions are so rare.
Most of us can spell love, but do not feel it.
We are broken.
We are lonely.
We are lost.
We’re fighting battles that nobody knows about.
We all want to be saved, but refuse to hold anybody’s hand.
You think this is dramatic? If you could read my mind, you’d be in tears.
The problem with our generation?
We all tried to grow up too fast.